The Sheer Pleasure of Boating

So the idea of owning a boat and being on the water has crossed your mind, what a great idea, how and where do I start.

Some thought as to what you think you may want to do and where you want to go on your boat will assist you and us in finding the right boat for you. Whether you want to set a few crab pots in the local estuary, race around the buoys in a sailing club regatta, offshore fish, overnight on your boat, live on your boat, coastal cruise, plan to completely leave your comfort zone and ready yourself to see parts of Australia or the world, in that life changing experience that you have only ever dreamed of.

Historically world adventure could really only be achieved by sail, even that, as with many other things about boating has changed. You can certainly sail, in greater safety and comfort than has ever been previously possible, you can motor in Passage-makers, you can have your boat, sail or power, “piggybacked” on to a dedicated boat transporter and go boating in exotic locations without the time or challengers of getting it there yourself.

There is just something really special about being out on the water, the solitude or the inclusion of family or friends, being the only boat at your favourite anchorage to being rafted up with 5 or 6 others, boating can offer it all.

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Listing with our Boutique Brokerage offers:

  • Combined 60 years of experience in the Marine Industry
  • Dealing with a small team that will know your vessel intimately
  • Advice and practical assistance in preparing your vessel for sale
  • Quality photos/video and a full listing sheet prepared
  • Details of your vessel will be sent to our extensive database.
  • Vessel will be listed on nationally recognized web sites.
  • Placement of advertising in magazines appropriate to the vessel (exclusive listings)
  • Knowledge that our brokers will be the only people escorting potential buyers over the vessel (exclusive listings)
  • Continual feed back on enquiries and inspections
  • Discount on commission as an exclusive listing
  • Dealing with Accredited Members of Marine Queensland
  • Financial security of our Trust Account
  • Being contactable at any time

So whether you want to go fast or slow, noisy or quiet there is a world of choices and something for all budgets. You won’t know what ultimate and pleasurable experiences await you until you enter the world of being on the water in your own boat.

If we do not have a listing to wet your appetite let us find that special boat for you.